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About Mad Monks Pizza Company:

We’ve partnered up with our good friends at 16 Lots Brewery to open Mad Monks Pizza Company inside their tap room.

Mad Monks started from an idea: to make really great pizza, with really great ingredients, in a really great environment, made by really great people. You get the idea. We’re independent. We’re proud of this. It’s not that we have anything against Chains or Corporate Restaurants; it’s just we’re not one of them. By choice.

Our mission is pretty simple — be excellent. We use great flour from Italy to make our dough everyday; we hand stretch or toss every pizza that goes into our oven. Our sauce is made from scratch with Ultra-high Quality domestic Stanislaus Tomatoes; we shred our own 100% whole milk and skim mozzarella in house. We believe in the simple notion that if you start with solid, high-quality ingredients, and take the time and passion to use them properly, you will end up with a really great product.

Other things of note:

16 Lots is the first craft Brewery in Mason, OH. They make their beer the way we make our pizza — with pride, enthusiasm and a whole lotta love.

We don’t have a freezer. Never have; never will. Enough said.

We like music. A lot. We play it in our kitchen. A lot. It’s usually loud. We like it like that. Our buddy Carlos doesn’t like the long Trey or Jerry jams, but he makes such good pizza we’re willing to work with him.

We believe in community. We are proud to be part of Mason, OH. We think that our support and commitment to the people who live, work, study and live around us makes us all better.

Lastly, and this is actually the most important thing: We also believe in treating everybody with respect—our guests; our partners in the Brewery; our crew and anyone else we may come into contact with. Yeah, we’re a business, but life is short—be kind.

See you soon for a pie and and a pint.